Directions From Columbus

Here at the Hammel House would like to help you get here!

Driving directions From Columbus, Ohio to 121 S Main Street Waynesville, Ohio

1. Start out going EAST on E STATE ST toward S 3RD ST/US-33 E/US-23 S/US-62 S/OH-3 S. 0.1 mi

2. Turn RIGHT onto S 3RD ST/US-33 E/US-23 S/US-62 S/OH-3 S. Continue to follow S 3RD ST/US-33 E/US-23 S. 0.5 mi
3. Merge onto I-70 W/I-71 S. 0.8 mi

4. Keep LEFT to take I-71 S via EXIT 99A-B toward CINCINNATI/OH-315. 0.1 mi

5. Merge onto I-71 S via EXIT 99A on the LEFT toward CINCINNATI. 61.2 mi

6. Take the OH-73 exit, EXIT 45, toward WAYNESVILLE. 0.3 mi

7. Turn RIGHT onto OH-73 N. 8.7 mi

8. Turn RIGHT onto S MAIN ST/MAIN ST. 0.2 mi

9. 121 S MAIN ST is on the LEFT.

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